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    Please, introduce yourself to other fine folks on this Practice Coin forum.

    I’m known on various forums as Tearo Dactyl (tearodactyl) [a pun on a name of a dinosaur that could fly]. And then keying off the fact that I like taking things apart to see how they work. Even have a site about that.

    Professionally, I program Linux kernel, drivers, and networking, in embedded environments, and have been coding to POSIX standards for decades. In the Bitcoin arena, I’ve built on Ubuntu, from the Github code and been running on and off various versions of nodes for Core, Classic, Unlimited, Zcash, ZClassic, Zero. Experimenting with implementation changes to the Zcash Equihash algorithm, reviewing on-chain identity solutions, IPFS, etc.

    Have been contributing recently to the Zero Currency thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1796036.new#new
    Sometimes found on Zcash forum https://forum.z.cash

    A strong proponent of on-chain scaling, I vent on Twitter https://twitter.com/tearodactyl

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    Bambalam here, also known as Slashx124 in mining pools.

    I am a Crypto-Enthusiast and love the technology. I too will some day create a crypto-currency so i hope to learn alot from and for the Dev.

    Thanks for having me!



    Bambalam, welcome!
    And congratulations on being the very first participant.
    Bragging rights forever.



    Hi, I’m Naruby.

    I’m was server admin for 15 years and now transitioning to development.
    I’ve created a Slack Tipbot a year ago for Dash which learned me a lot of the client side of cyrpto.

    After picking up the Mastering Bitcoin book of Andreas last month I’ve decide to want to learn more and do more.
    So I really relate to your point of view and want you want to do !

    I’ve create a fork of lite coin to play around. It’s not my intention to release the coin, only to learn.

    After some try & error I have a working coin, wallet on Windows & Linux and Mac and a mining pool.
    The part I can’t get working is the dnsseeder.
    Also on my todo list: figuring out how to change the PoW / PoS algoritme and setting up a block explorer.

    So maybe we can team up and learn for each other ?



    Naruby, welcome to our as yet small but quickly growing club. Looking forward to working on making some fun new coins.



    Hello, I’m dfd1.
    I see great potential in cryptocurrencies and interested in anything what can possibly help crypto to evolve.
    I’m a bit familiar with coding, but not professional programmer. I love to learn new things and would be happy to contribute to the PRA development and eventual coin moon landing.



    dfd1, welcome to the Forum.
    Very much appreciate your participation in the Practice Coin Bitcointalk thread. Totally want to include ETH in our learning process.
    Are you working on any kinda research or testing project now, that we can help out with?



    For a while I’ve been trying to figure out how to connect PoS with latest litecoin and I’m glad to see PRA current development focused exactly on this thing too, so just moving forward will be the best help from PRA community.
    Also, I’m impressed with BitShares model and currently lurking around to understand more on graphene platform. DPoS have a great potential and I see so much things what can be done right with BitShares codebase! Just imagine, they already run with 3 seconds block time with no orphans and scale issues while all huge trade history stored in blockchain. Unlike usual PoW or PoS where majority of blocks solved by 20-30 whales/pools DPoS can scale to unlimited number of block signers. It’s huge, I’m surprised BitShares got so low attention.



    dfd1, so glad that we have many common interests.
    Could I ask you to keep us updated on your research into DPoS? Perhaps under the PoS topic, or start a new one. Eventually, it should become a full-fledged article.



    I’m afraid I’m not so good at writing articles, but gladly will throw several theses on how does it matter, why DPoS is more decentralized than people used to think and how it’s allow transaction finalization and so fast confirmation times. I will post to this thread http://practicecoin.com/index.php/topic/moved-reply-to-algo/ my understanding of DPoS.



    Hi, I’m Alireza
    I’m a Crypto-Enthusiast too and I’m a blogger from 2006 , I started to work with cryptocurrencies from 2014 . I like your IDEA and I want to practice new things in this era



    Alireza, welcome!
    Are your interests in Altcoins related more to algorithms, applications, trading?
    What do you like to blog about?



    Thanks , I’m writing about Altcoins world news and sharing other news about this era



    Sorry I could not send my blog link as HTML
    This is my blog address : http://bestaltcoin.blogspot.com/



    Good articles in the blog, like the one about student grades on the block chain. Thanks



    im a new fan of all crypto coins.
    im an electrical engineer and im still very new in this.

    I found your thread at bitcointalk and i love the thing that there is a good explanation from you.
    hope we can found something out together and we can answer my questions 😉



    stake, welcome!

    Clarity and even more so, honesty is the requirement here. I cannot stand that attitudes of too many participants in the field of cryptocurrencies. They may hint at some gotchas in the codebase, but often hang on to crucial details. Some kinda of a mix of immaturity and paranoia and a wannabe scammer plan.
    But I digress 🙂



    I’m just one of the IMs in IMWTK.

    fwiw, I’ve kicked around the net since the late 70s and have been wandering through some interesting areas along the way, arriving here in early 2014.

    I created DOACC and, on the back of the dataset, Minkiz for shits and giggles … and to do some in-depth analysis.



    Hi I became kind of obsessed with crypto in late 2013
    and started studying what made it work. I was involved
    in few altcoin projects, some paid freelance work, some because
    I found them interesting.

    I have in mind a few altcoin ideas of my own that I’d like
    to test out, and I’m also involved in VR development these days,
    it can become quite hectic but I hope I can contribute every
    now and then.

    I’ve always wanted to see a friendly open enviroment for mutual
    appreciaton of Nakamoto’s genius and everything proceeding from
    that, immune to greed and power politics, maybe this is that kind
    of place. Love, Yarko



    Love the idea behind DOACC, and you keep growing the dataset, right?
    Personally, I was wondering if there is a way to find out whether any of the recent clones of Litecoin (0.13 codebase or later) pulled in the X11..15 or NIST5 algo.

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