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    Altcoins come in many flavors, like Proof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (PoS), or mixes of those.
    The original Bitcoin and it’s largest clone Litecoin are of the PoW type.
    However, these two use different PoW algorithms, SHA256 vs. Scrypt.
    Zcash uses Equihash, Ethereum uses Dagger.

    In this thread, we can talk about technical details of the major coin types and related algo.

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    Bam, I read that NIST5 is a collection of the five top submissions to the NIST competition for a strong password hashing function, that ended in 2012. Included was a popular Blake function, but it was won by Keccak

    X11, X13, etc. PoW functions are a collection of 11 or more hashing functions used one after another. Some of the NIST5 ones are among them, I think. Bam, would you like to take a look and tell us how they stack-up?

    BTW, a more recent competition has a different and more advanced set of five contenders and was won by Argon2 https://password-hashing.net/
    The Argon2 major contributors also are behind the Zcash Equihash function.
    Wonder if any of these five had already or will make their way into the Altcoin world.

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