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A well-known Walletbuilders service will automatically make a coin for you, a free one that only includes Linux and Windows node executables, or for BTC they will let you create a custom one, with your own signage, block parameters, Scrypt PoW and PoS that takes over, after so many blocks, etc. Pre-mine is an option. A seed service for your coin is included on their site, and perhaps a month of hosting a node. Additional hosting is BTC / month. They deliver with the paid coin product pre-compiled Windows and Linux executables for both a node (daemon) and a Qt GUI client. A unique pair of ports that they assign, is used to distinguish your network. Included source code does produce the two…
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Reader Suggestions

So far the readers on the Bitcointalk forum have suggested: Self-fund GPU mining a PoW algorithm that's, not easy for ASICs or CPU botnet PoS with the right set of parameters, algo New algo, like NIST5 HODL memory hard algo Airdrop Ethereum cloning guide bounty  
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