CryptoLifeThe top shelf provider of custom Altcoin development is CryptoLife. They offer a whole bunch of options, and prices start at 0.3 BTC.  By the time you add on all the features that would make the coin super legit, it’s closer to 2.5 BTC, and you provide VPS hosting.

For this amount you’d get your own PoS/PoW X11 2MB coin, source code with a designed logo and unique Genesis block, Merkel root, and Magic number. It would feature Premine, Alerts, and a Testnet. Also included in this price are Windows, Linux, and Mac wallets and a Paper wallet generator. Your VPS would be hosting a Mining pool, Block explorer, and a Faucet.

Once the network is tested out and polished-up, and after one gets the Marketing collateral, starting with branding and identity and including a slick site, such a coin can be promoted and likely listed on mid-range exchanges.

Electrum and Android Wallets add 3.5 BTC, so this is a serious investment, definitely beyond my discretionary budget.

But if a person of substance wants to get into the business of running a Cryptocurrency and is willing to commit a  budget of 5-10 BTC, plus internal support stuff and focused oversight, they can be up and running in a month, by going this route. Remember to ask for references and examples of prior work (coins and sites).

[Update 4/21/2017]  CryptoLife staff did not respond to two contact attempts in three days, through their site Contact form and via the Affiliate program application. The dev shows little activity on the Bitcointalk forum, with only two posts in 2017, last one over a month ago. So, for the time being, we consider CryptoLife to be in hiatus.