WalletA well-known Walletbuilders service will automatically make a coin for you, a free one that only includes Linux and Windows node executables, or for 0.05 BTC they will let you create a custom one, with your own signage, block parameters, Scrypt PoW and PoS that takes over, after so many blocks, etc. Pre-mine is an option. A seed service for your coin is included on their site, and perhaps a month of hosting a node. Additional hosting is 0.025 BTC / month.

Wallet BuildersThey deliver with the paid coin product pre-compiled Windows and Linux executables for both a node (daemon) and a Qt GUI client. A unique pair of ports that they assign, is used to distinguish your network. Included source code does produce the two working binaries on Ubuntu 16.04 Linux, and the Windows build verification is TBD. They have instructions on how to connect to a running node an OSS Scrypt CPU miner, but it’s not quite for the noobs.

This may well be a solid value for the money, but not quite enough to launch a commercially viable coin. For one thing, I’m told, serious exchanges will not list one, even YoBit, and they can tell. So, one is relegated to the bottom-of-the-barrel exchanges.

I was told that for 0.1 BTC a less known service will make a unique coin, that gives you a choice of Scrypt or SHA256 PoW, plus PoS, and also includes Block Explorer, Pools, Mac Wallet. And that several mid-range exchanges are receptive to list such a product.

PracticeCoin PropertiesActual experiences with building and running the Walletbuilders paid coin product:

From the page on their site generated for this drop, it seems that Walletbuilders compiled in 64 sec block target, though I remember asking for 6 min (10/hour) blocks. This may have broken the operation of the difficulty adjusting mechanism. It appears to be changing every block, or thereabouts, but then swings from blocks accepted every 10-15 sec, and then takes a break for a couple of minutes.


In the beginning of the initial run there were two ERROR messages:
  generated block is stale
For a time the miner was causing a situation that produced ERROR messages from the node, rejecting the block:
coinbase timestamp is too early

Upon restart of the processes, several hours into the run there were a dozen “stale” messages
Later on, eight “timestamp too early” messages, though it seemingly recovered.

Advanced PracticeCoin PropertiesStill unclear how to verify seeder operation on their node or to create and launch my own, but that is likely my own issue.

Created codebase is provided for illustration only, and no license is hereby given or modified, to permit redistribution OR creation of commercial OR derivative works.

[Update 4/20/2017] After contacting Walletbuilders support, they responded roughly within 24 hours, with a terse email pointing out a line of code where the block interval was indeed set to 60 seconds. Could have been an operator error on my part. Recompile went fine on Ubuntu, but relaunching the blockchain is TBD, as they are keeping a copy of the previous chain in the node on their server. Also, running our own seeder in the cloud is yet to be figured out.

[Update 4/22/2017] Did receive a response from support regarding adjustments to the pre-mine when block timing is changed. Still waiting on directions on how to setup a seeder to take over from theirs, and when to coordinate a chain restart.