Used MS Paint to sketch out my boy Pragma. Practice Stick

Used for the chalk font header.

Practice Coin



Grabbed three domains using

Could not decide between them, and at $9 / year for each, privacy included, took them all. Domain registration with GoDaddy, with privacy, would be closer to $25, if you only register for a year. Namesilo does take BTC, with a $50 minimum, and the usual confirmation time delay. So I felt impatient and put the purchase on a card instead.

All three domains point to the same site, and for the moment I’m using web hosting from another gig.

Hosting or VPS

Will look for a cheap hosting or VPS provider that accepts BTC next. There is a long list
VPS providers I’ve looked at so far are not super cheap, and I don’t know the performance requirements yet. Say, a 2GB RAM / 2|4 core level per month:


A crude looking site is up. It took almost a whole day in total:
Find and register domains and setup custom nameservers – 1h
Setup hosting of domains, emails, redirects, roll a WordPress distribution – 1h
Setup Site – 4h
Wordpress plugins for security hardening and management
WP Super Cache
Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights
Yoast SEO
Wordfence Security
SEO Redirection
Config MesoColumn theme, menus, pages
Quickie images gen, crop, and .ico via
Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools setup
Setup Forum basics – 1h
Made a mistake, had to re-do

Ready for some fun content, I suppose Smiley