Cryptocoin site prizes itself on having created some 1300 coins. And it’s possible, as it appears that they do stamp them out for free – if you don’t ask for source code or the ability to run it on your own server. If you want those, as any reasonable Altcoin creator would, you are told to email for a quote for a Commercial License.

The site itself went through a couple of attempts at a sale on Flippa a year ago – unsuccessfully. Its SSL certificate is expired, and that’s why Chrome labels it as Not Secure. Overall, it does not appear recently maintained and does make silly statements, like the fact that it features Elliptic Curve signing, something that all Bitcoin descendants do. I would stay away…


Build-a-CoinBuild-a-Coin service is much more straightforward, in that they provide a very large form with a bunch of parameters one can update, and then they spit out a set of source that one has to compile on their own. They are based off Litecoin, hailing from back in late 2013. Way obsolete, with no build instructions, this product may be only of historical value.

The service produced, for the settings above, this codebase.

An example of modifying the codebase, I’m told, is available.